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The perfect tool for sales & market research. With the online platform Ad eMotion, APG|SGA can distribute their services and products easily and effectively. As a film or as a virtual 360° experience.


Once someone steps out of their front door in Switzerland, they head off to streets, squares, railway stations, shopping centers, the mountains, airports, and other points of interest. Advertising messages make the biggest impact if they’re placed where the hustle and bustle are – especially if they can be scheduled to appear in the right place at the right time. As the market leader for outdoor advertising, APG|SGA serves all relevant communication spaces in Switzerland, ensuring your advertising message appears whenever and wherever your target groups are present. In order to better market these areas in the digital age, APG|SGA is looking for a virtual solution that can display and visualize an advertising space individually within a short time and without any PC knowledge.



The first step was to create an interface that is easy to use, provides the required functionality without adding so many features, that it becomes hard to navigate. The UX had to be built for desktop use only, which limits the responsive requirements to a minimum and leaves enough space for an easy to navigate step by step virtual order process.


Once the clips of the advertising spaces have been selected, the customer can upload his own advertising Layout to view his own campaign on those areas. As an option you can add an intro or outro clip that is branding the video clip with the APG|SGA brand and gives any sales representative to target specific clients and adding their contact details in the video clip as well.


To make the layout process easy to create custom advertising campaigns, we created for each format a downloadable template, so the layout is not only working in the virtual world but is already prepared for the real-world delivery.


To keep maintenance to a minimum and stay within the used software environment of APG|SGA we had to find a solution to turn the generated orders from the website into an actual video that can be downloaded and viewed. Based on the requirement to use Adobe® Products to deliver the files, we programmed a large Adobe® After Effects® database based on Dataclay’s Templater™, an Adobe® After Effects® plugin that simplifies and accelerates the process of creating customized videos.
We were able to mark layers in your AE project as dynamic, map data fields to those layers, and then sit back and let Templater do the heavy lifting. A custom sync program reads any new campaigns ordered from the website, sends them to After Effects® for processing, and uploads the final clip to the client’s website for delivery. As soon as the clip is uploaded, an email is generated with the download link to the customer so they can view their generated preview within a few minutes.


The challenge to handle multiple users, campaigns, and simultaneous processing, an existing MacPro was used to act as the render machine, this leaves the option to upgrade the render station if needed in the future. To make this process not only automated but also failsafe, all software starts with a custom script to ensure an automatic restart in case of a power failure or accidental shutdown.
In general video files are rather large. To keep the data volume manageable, a second script deletes files after a desired about of days and keeps the render machine as well as the server free of old and depreciated files.



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The challenge in sales is giving the customer a realistic image of how his campaign or product will appear in the real world. Simply show a film in advance which conveys this completely realistically. In the eyes of your customers, this means APG|SGA has gone the extra mile in advance, giving rise to a subconscious desire to buy advertising space.
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