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The preoperative informed consent is an important aspect of the medical practice and is incorporated into the Statutes of the Swiss Medical Association (FMH), article 16. Good informed consent includes best medical practice and considers the patient’s autonomy to provide a shared decision-making process.
However, studies have shown that patients recall only a small fraction of the delivered information. Therefore, this pilot video project aims to enhance patient’s information about the laparoscopic hysterectomy with a 3D-audio-visual media that is complementary to the existing oral and written informed consent of the SGGG.


The screenplay for the video was based on the official informed documentation «Aufklärungsprotokoll Gebärmutterentfernung mittels Bauchspiegelung» written by the SGGG. To ensure completeness and comprehensibility the screenplay was checked by different stakeholders such as amateurs for simple language, board members and sub-commissions of the SGGG for medical correctness, and two patient organizations the “Patientenstelle Zürich” and the “SPO Bern” to ensure the legal aspect of the video.
To make such a process easier, we created a detailed storyboard alongside the script to not only provide the spoken words, but also what we will show during the clip. After approval we could get started with the production.


The live action part was video was shot in a gynaecological practice in Thun on 31.01.2021 starring Dr. med. Natalia Conde, senior doctor in gynaecology at Triemli Hospital Zurich.


After we had the video recorded, the long process of creating all 3D animation was the next step. We created realistic 3D Models, that provide enough details to show the process, but still stay graphic enough to not look two freighting for any patients.
To find this middle ground and still deliver a great looking product, we modelled and animated each scene in Cinema4D and textured it with detailed Arnold textures. To get a shot to look just right, we go through the stages of modelling, adjusting the model to show a specific process, basic lighting and texturing, detailed textures and lighting and then a final 4K render that looks stunning but still abstract enough.


The goal to not just to produce one but a series of medical patient information videos, we needed not just a good-looking product but also a strong brand. So Crealto developed the brand “GynInfo. ch” to showcase that product series. Besides the development of the logo, an animated version of the video, we also needed a simple trailer to convey the concept of GynInfo and why this brand exists. So we went back behind the camera and created a short concept video that shows what the idea behind GynInfo is and with the goal in mind to find small investors and hospitals to raise enough funds to get this non-profit off the ground.


At the SGGG Kongress 2021 the video was officially released the first time and showed to all the professional obstetrician-gynecologist of Switzerland and we received great feedback on our pilot project and hopefully, we get the chance to produce more of those information videos to explain routine procedures to the patients in a simple but understandable way.



Frames Animated


Hours Rendertime


Terabyte of Data


Millions of Polygons Modelled


This project shows our broad spectrum of expertise from live shooting to High-End 3D Animation and Audio production as well as Marking and App development. It shows that new media is the future even in fields that are not connected with it at first sight.
To make medicine efficient, safe and well understood, it is essential to explain procedures easy to understand but still medically correct and give patients and doctors additional time to address concerns that need to be addressed instead of explaining the basic steps of a procedure.
The future will show how much a good informed patient consent will help the everyday life hospital staff and doctors.
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