Joel Geissbühler

Film production, Post Production

Joel Geissbühler



Joel Geissbühler’s passion is the crafting solid wood pieces. In his carpentry work, he combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. In order to visualize the essence of his work, we developed an image film together with Joel where he leads us through the manufacturing process of a drawer. Captured with dynamic sequences we make this rough process look beautiful.


In order to have clear guidance for the production and to know exactly which shot is taken when and where, we sketch a first storyboard as a raw version at the table with Joel. The finished storyboard is our guide that we use during production to not miss a shot and still be efficient during the shooting day.


After a short journey to the Bernese Mittelland, the set-up of the lights and the camera, the shooting begins. In this case, we pulled focus manually in order to be able to control the impact for the dynamic recordings we are striving for.


We record the scene as Black Magic RAW. This enables us to color grade the picture the way the customer wants it. This way, the images colors, brightness and contrast can be edited with great detail in post-production.


The unusual shots, in which we rotate the hand-held camera or follow Joel’s flow of movement and at the same time have to hold the focal point, are the greatest challenge during shooting and require a lot of patience, rehearsals and repetition until we get it just right.


Sunny weather is nice, but it doesn’t always help to get the perfect picture. With a little improvisation, we ensure the sunlight hits our subjects just right.


We cut the film project in Davinci Resolve. Filming with 100 frames and creating the project with 25 frames, gives the option of full resolution, very smooth slow motion shots with up to four times slower than the real live movement to make the shots dramatic and cinematic.
After selecting the best clips, we start cutting the film according to the storyboard. This also includes the time remapping of individual scenes to get that sense of motion and dynamic movements we aimed for. With a little help of image stabilization and the use of suitable background music we are able to create the product we are looking for.


Pictures in RAW format are natively very flat in color. Color grading is therefore important to bring the film to life and to convey the right mood. For this clip we choose a very natural look to match the craftsmanship and the natural materials used.
To do this, we first create the same black and white balance for all clips and adjust oversaturation.
As soon as the same conditions exist in all images, we develop a master look for the entire film. Finally, we adjust the contrast to give the shots the right depth and mood.


We animate Joel’s logo with Adobe After Effects. The carpentry’s logo is created from various individual parts to match his work and the woodworking craftsmanship.



Storyboard Frames


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Terabytes of Data


There is a lot of manual labor behind every piece of furniture created by Joel. Precision and the right movements are essential for his job. With dynamic images and unusual perspectives, we bring these aspects of the carpentry closer to the viewer.
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