Zürich Flughafen

Film production, Post Production

Zürich Flughafen and APG|SGA



In this video Case Study we take you through the process of creating airial VR media – from planning, shooting to stitching and finishing.
The first challenge was to make sure we are ok to fly a heavy lift drone at an airport. Just that sentence by itself shows how complex and carefully planned this project had to be. But we finally got permission from the police, flight control and the Tower of Zurich airport to lift of and we were in constant contact with flight control during shooting, to ensure it is all safe and we stayed within our parameter where it was safe to fly.


This airport project required some detailed post production, so we opted for the Insta360 Pro2 camera with a custom built heavy lift drone. The golden rule of filming for virtual reality is to avoid your subject matter changing proximity to the camera. Good luck doing that with flying and complex architecture at an airport. Fortunately we can turn to intelligent software to simplify these uniquely complex problems.


The challenge the team faced later on in post-production was to get the perfect stitch so the stitch lines would not be noticed when watched in VR and to stabilize the swinging of the camera while flying with such a heavy lift. When our cinematographers finally capture that one magical moment in the sunlight, it’s up to our post team to produce a seamless stitch. Without Mistika VR’s keyframes and edge points, we wouldn’t have a shot.


With heavy duty hardware power (3x 1080 Nivida Titan Cards) and the ability to color grade VR seamless in Davinci Resolve we had to find a way to preopare the clips to we can stay within our regular workflow. We decided to use Mistika VR to stitch and balance the footage off camera to make it seamless and then went into Davinci Resolve for a detailed color grading and the final look and feel of the flight.



GB of Data Captured


Hours Render time


Hours of Flight time


Registered as official airplane with flight control


Enjoy the flight over the Zurich Airport in 360 Degrees.
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